We understand some users wish to load the content of the classic AIR titles from an external drive - The information in this article provides these steps for Windows users. 

The steps in this article require users to navigate to hidden folders on their PC that may contain sensitive information. 

Before proceeding with the steps in this article, users must ensure a backup of their machine has been performed. 

AIR Music Tech is not liable for data loss in the event these steps are improperly followed. 


Locating your Content Files

Your AIR content is stored in a '.big' file - These files are located in a hidden folder on Windows within 'Program Data'. 

The 'Program Data' location is hidden by default on Windows - To show hidden files... 

1) Double-click This PC to open File Explorer in Windows 10.

2) Click the View tab at the toolbar in File Explorer window.

3) In Show/Hide section, tick Hidden items to show hidden files and folders in Windows 10.

Navigate to C:\ProgramData and locate the Air Music Technology folder.

Loading your Content Files from an External Drive

Drag & Drop the Air Music Technology folder from C:\ProgramData to your external hard drive.

When loading your choice of plugin, it's expected to see this error as the content has been moved to another location. 

1) Click the 'Browse' button

2) Locate your External Drive and where you moved the Air Music Technology folder containing your '.big' files. 

3) Manually select the folder OR paste the directory path. 

For example, if copied straight across to a D or E drive, the new location would be 

D:\Air Music Technology\Xpand!2  
E:\Air Music Technology\Xpand!2 

4) Apply the same steps for all your Classic AIR Titles. 

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